Managed Services includes access to three expert teams. We have a Data Center Team and a Managed Services Team responsible for and primarily focused on Infrastructure as a Service, Data Protection (including Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service) and Colocation. These teams pool resources to maintain and monitor your technology, providing weekday support for customers who require standard desktop, server, or network support.  Additionally, they are available to support email, file restorations, review connectivity concerns, adjust backup services, modify replication services, and update infrastructure monitors.

Iserv also boasts a 24/7/365 Help Desk of technicians that are trained to support a variety of services.  These personnel are tasked with watching infrastructure monitors, backup services, replication services, and network alerts.  Should an alert happen during their watch, a customer service representative opens tickets, takes corrective action, and escalates as required.

We pride ourselves on how quickly and clearly we respond to our customers. This response typically applies to three distinct areas; Incident Management, Project Management, and Professional Services.

Incident Management

Resolution speed and active communication during unexpected events defines the quality of customer service. Iserv leverages a structured response plan with proper monitoring and alerting to provide Incident Management.  This includes repeated contact points so the customer remains informed and updated. When properly executed, the customer is never left questioning the incident status or remedy

Project Management

Iserv’s typical Project Management approach includes the following:

  • > A well-defined scope of work that is approved by the customer prior to start
  • > Internal kick-off meeting to ensure all Iserv team members understand their role and timeline of work to be completed
  • > External kick-off meeting between Iserv and customer to review the entire scope of the project and answer any outstanding questions that may exist
  • > Discovery phase to validate project assumptions and ensure the project plan will deliver the proper outcomes
  • > Email communication during project identifying completion of key milestones throughout project deployment
  • > Weekly meetings between Iserv and customer as needed per complexity of project
  • > Wrap up meeting between Iserv and customer upon completion of project
  • > Internal lessons learned meeting with Iserv staff upon completion of project

Ticketing – For communication between Iserv and customers, there are three methods established to ensure the Iserv team is available for assistance:

  • > Submission of a service request ticket through Connectwise
  • > Submission of an email directly to the Help Desk
  • > Direct phone call to the Help Desk