Unlike unmanaged switches, which just allow devices to communicate with each other, a managed solution contains configuration and monitoring tools. This gives your IT team more visibility over how data travels through the network and who has access to it.

Several advanced features of Managed Switching are:

  • > Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) – A tool for monitoring the health/status of the entire network or an individual device remotely.
  • > VLAN – Clusters device traffic together based on identified segments. For example, isolate sales information to flow separately from finance data to reduce unnecessary traffic and increase network performance.
  • > Quality of Service – Assign time-sensitive data with higher priority over less critical systems. For example, place phone or voice over IP (VoIP) traffic as the highest priority to avoid dropped or delayed calls.
  • > Redundancy- Don’t let your entire network go down because one device fails. If there is a connection issue, data is safely transferred to an alternate route and remains functional.