Connections do more than transfer your data from A to B; they enable you to communicate with employees, suppliers, and customers. It’s simple: if your connection isn’t reliable, you lose business. Iserv provides custom wireless and/or wired solutions with increased bandwidth availability for guaranteed coverage. We identify your specific traffic requirements to ensure your mission-critical applications never fail.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Connect to sites anywhere in the world using new or existing internet. Our VPN solution securely connects two or more physical locations and can provide mobile workforces with secure connections back to your home environment. Your data is protected over any distance with built-in two-factor authentication and encryption systems, presenting a safe and seamless user experience.

Point-to-Point Connections

Bring together “islands” of users separated by roads, rail, and parking lots with private data communications. Iserv’s Point-to-Point network utilizes Layer 2 direct connectivity between multiple locations using on-net low latency connections. This is essentially a hard-wired VPN that creates the shortest connectivity path between buildings without going out to the Internet.