Does your business have a Lansing IT disaster recovery plan in place for when the unthinkable happens? All scare tactics aside — the cruel reality is that many small businesses that are subjected to a significant IT disaster fail to bounce back. They simply go out of business.

This doesn’t have to happen — you can take a proactive approach to these disastrous scenarios with a business recovery plan in Lansing MI. Iserv is one of the leading names when it comes to forming a Lansing business continuity plan. We work closely with companies to have a plan in place to sustain continuity while essential data and processes are restored.


Experts in IT disaster recovery in Lansing MI

When it comes to IT disasters, there are certain scenarios in which you can brace for, but you can’t avoid completely. With a Lansing business recovery plan, you can make sure your business is not caught flatfooted in the event of:

  • Natural disasters: From storms that cause prolonged power failure to fires, flooding and more — Iserv can provide you with Lansing IT disaster recovery that keeps your business moving through these natural disasters.
  • Human error: A solid business recovery plan in Lansing MI also isolates you from the fallout of one of the most unpredictable forms of disasters — human error. People make mistakes, and in some cases, those mistakes can be potentially devastating.
  • Hardware and software failure: No matter how advanced technology might become, software and hardware are still susceptible to costly failures.


Lean on Iserv for a business continuity plan in Lansing MI

Being proactive is the key for any business — and a Lansing IT disaster recovery strategy that is meticulously pieced together and constantly tested is the epitome of proactivity. Get started with the team at Iserv and get a plan in place.