Iserv email users: We recently sent out an email about our migration to a new email address. We have also had many questions and concerns about whether this email is legitimately from us. This email has been approved and sent from the Iserv management team and is not spam mail. 

Will my email service stop working?

Yes, the Iserv email service will be ending at the end of February.  Our servers will be decommissioned.

How can I keep my email address?

If you want to keep your email account you must opt-in to having that account built in our vendor’s email environment.

Why do you have to charge for each email account?

We now have a vendor that will charge us for each email account we add to their servers, so we must charge for each email we build in their environment.

Why would I want to change my domain to

We can set you up with that email account right now, so you can benefit from the 50G of space and the improved email filtering.  You can also forward your email from your old account for a time and get everyone used to your new email address before we terminate the old service.

What does it mean when you say domain migration?

When we ‘migrate’ a domain we change the address of where the domain points to for email.  Once this address is changed to point to the new environment, only email in that new environment will work. That is why we will schedule the migration date and notify all customers that have opted in, so they are aware of when the change-over will take place.

If I am keeping my email address, what will change?

Once your email account is built in the new environment, you will need to access it via a new email login.  There is both a web interface and the ability to add this new email account to your existing email client.

We will provide “How-to” documents to help you out.

When you stop the Iserv servers, will all my old email and contacts disappear?

If you have an email client like Outlook or Apple mail, all of your contacts and email should be safe.  Make sure you have downloaded your latest messages from webmail before the transition. Once the email messages are loaded on your computer, you can keep them as long as you like.  If you have only been using webmail, I suggest you get an email client and download everything for your records.

Will there be a price increase?

As much as we would like to make guarantees, we are using a vendor, so if the vendor increases our price, we will have to increase what we charge.  Our plans do not include a price increase.

To begin email migration or with any questions, please email