When a disaster event happens, where a business is unable to keep their production workloads in service, it can affect their ability to function causing potential for productivity or financial losses. To mitigate that problem, Iserv can provide a way to replicate the production workloads to our cloud, keeping those systems available even in the event of a complete application failure. This keeps the business running and profitable.

Say goodbye to slow recovery with a scalable backup window solution. Expedite recovery of your crucial applications and software after a disaster to keep your systems operational. The less vital workloads can be restored secondarily for the highest resource allocation.


Replication is different from a point in time backup; the data from a client’s server is constantly being copied to the cloud as changes are made. Based on your available bandwidth, the Recovery Point Objective (amount of data you could lose) could be reduced to minutes, or possibly even seconds. The following graphic shows how every server is captured into Iserv’s data center for quick and easy recovery.

To illustrate how important an IT disaster recovery plan is, here’s an example. A manufacturing plant with onsite servers that control their production lines experienced a power outage which affected their computer operations. For this company, any downtime could result in significant loss of productivity and revenue. Partnering with Iserv for Disaster Recovery services allowed them to recover their applications within Iserv’s Infrastructure as a Service and continue operations in just a few minutes.

INTERESTING FACT: 95% of businesses experience outages for reasons not related to natural disasters. 

EXAMPLE: A local company contacted Iserv after they were hit with malware. They were unable to work for 2 days. That downtime cost them $375,000. 

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