Planning for the unknown may seem like a waste of time and money, but it’s impossible to know when disaster can strike and in what form. For example, the Grand Rapids Flood of 2013 raised the Grand River 21.86 feet and left businesses out of order for days. Natural and manmade disasters create extensive problems such as customer issues, lost revenue, damaged reputation and decreased competitiveness.

Iserv offers Disaster Preparedness to help companies classify threats into different categories (high vs. low probability & immediate vs. long-term impact) to determine the potential damage and the estimated amount of time needed to recover. Our experts work to identify your key business resources, examine possible data impacts, and develop options for risk management.

Investing in IT resiliency prevents:

  • > loss of revenue
  • > unrecoverable digital assets
  • > customer dissatisfaction
  • > opportunity lost during downtime

Acknowledging these challenges and taking steps to close the gaps in your DR plan rises above the protection of your business entity. Safeguarding your digital assets serves the end-users as well. Iserv helps you uphold the responsibility to your customers to deliver products/services in a timely manner with professional and secure transactions.