Companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook can’t be wrong — choosing a Detroit managed converged infrastructure can help your business gain the advantage it needs to be successful.

Those companies have been in the vanguard of using converged infrastructure, emphasizing economical and easy-to-use solutions to make their firms more responsive and profitable. When you choose Iserv’s services for creating a converged infrastructure data center in Detroit MI to support your company, you are investing in a valuable framework that can easily run scalable applications and support your company’s data management needs well into the future.

We craft custom managed converged infrastructure in Detroit MI utilizing our Tier 4 Switch data center, that is designed to help you meet the needs of your team while promoting ongoing growth.


An example of Detroit managed converged infrastructure

Many of our business partners do not understand the technical aspects associated with a converged infrastructure Tier 4 Switch data center – that alone can be a challenge for implementation. So, let’s talk about your options in the framework of a case study.

  • Imagine that you launch a branch office of your business. The branch has several hundred employees, all of whom require access to both virtual and hosted desktop systems.
  • Instead of using a traditional server and data management system, you could use a Detroit converged infrastructure data center to provide the quick, affordable remote access your employees need, allowing them to deploy their solutions and be up and running faster than ever. A productive branch office is a happy branch office!

Detroit managed converged infrastructure can lower costs for companies by extending the lifetime of your equipment and software while reducing the number of staff members needed to maintain those systems. You can also enjoy productivity boosts because of the consolidation associated with virtualized network Internet protocol and single-console management. Ultimately, a converged infrastructure using our Switch Supernap data center will help you save money, be more productive, and plan better for the future. Contact us today to get started with your custom system!