Desktop as a Service (also referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)) is virtualization technology that hosts a desktop OS in the Cloud, so users can access their files and applications anywhere on any device. While traditional desktops are expensive and require updates and maintenance, DaaS allows virtualized central management without having to physically touch each endpoint device.

Desktop virtualization benefits businesses by:

  • > Supporting a remote or mobile workforce with 24/7 access to data in the Cloud
    • >> Flexible switching between mobile devices, desktops, and thin clients
    • >> Users can log off a device, log on to another, and pick up right where they left off
  • > Allowing IT departments to extend the lifespan of otherwise obsolete PCs
  • > Data resides in the Iserv Cloud, not on the endpoint device resulting in highly secure, compliant storage with remote wipe for lost/stolen devices
  • > IT has a minimal number of master images to maintain/secure, which is simpler than managing a complete desktop for each user

Iserv generates a fully-managed digital workspace to increase productivity, efficiency, and security for your company. We handle all the back-end infrastructure maintenance including storage, backup, software upgrades, and anti-virus security protection. Virtual desktops also accommodate limited IT budgets by eliminating replacement desktop costs (CapEx) in favor of a monthly utility payment model (OpEx).

An example: A local library’s public computers were end-of-life. Instead of an expensive replacement plan, the library chose virtualization to extend their original hardware investment and standardize the desktop environment for all users. Iserv implemented a managed Desktop as a Service solution to streamline processes and increase performance. The IT Manager could enable security features from his dashboard without logging in to each of the 35 computers individually! The library was excited to save time, money, and provide a consistent desktop experience to their patrons.