Managed IT in Schools – Engaging Teachers, Parents, and Students (Part 2 – Parents)

Part 2 of a three-part blog series discussing technology’s role in schools, specifically the impact on parents. Starting at 3-4 years old, kids are little tech geniuses – they learn to use new devices much quicker than their parents. So how can schools utilize IT to get parents to actively participate in their kids’ education? […]

Managed IT in Schools – Engaging Teachers, Parents, and Students (Part 1 – Teachers)

As we enter 2020, the power of technology in the classroom continues to grow. New tools can provide a means to determine the effectiveness of the lesson, access to different materials, and cost savings for districts. Managed IT serves as the backbone to this technology, so your teachers are supported and inspired. The following points […]

Ransomware: A Real Life Monster

The McAfee Labs 2018 Threat Report stated that “the number of new ransomware strains saw an increase of 62% in the previous four quarters. This increase brings McAfee’s total number of identified strains to roughly 16 million.” Cybercriminals continually evolve their methods, so businesses must increase security measures to match. Proactive ransomware protection is made […]

IT Infrastructure Spending: Capex vs. Opex

Goal: To find the balance between upgrading to the best IT for your business and respecting your budget. Regardless of company size or number of IT staff, you’ve got to make technology procurement decisions. In many cases, the employee that understands the IT options is not the one to write the check, creating a gap […]

Iserv Cotton Candy Booth 2019!

On Saturday, Sept 7, we made cotton candy in Rosa Parks Circle for the opening launch of Project 1 by ArtPrize.

Backup as a Service – Potential Problems & Iserv Solutions

Problem 1 >> Paying the cost of the solution + too many extra fees > Pay extra for bandwidth > Pay extra for pulling the backups out when needed Solution 1 >> Utility Model > Paying only for space you actually use for backups > Data set is measured after deduplication and compression > Bandwidth […]

How Managed IT Affects Financial Apps & End-Users

Financial organizations like banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, mortgage lenders, and wealth managers use applications. While internal CRM and ERP functions are a subset, this blog will focus on the external apps or those that customers interact with. Beyond managing a bank account, there are many purposes for online interfaces including: — Tax prep and […]

Get to Know the Team – Amanda Henry – Account Executive

Born and raised in Hopkins, Amanda has been a West Michigander all her life. After high school, she attended Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek to play sports. After 2 years playing college basketball and volleyball, Amanda transferred to the University of Northwestern Ohio to finish her Bachelor’s in Business Administration. About three weeks ago, […]

Video: Iserv Network as a Service – Nursing Homes

Why We Say No

Have you ever had a conversation where you suggest an idea to someone? You could say anything – “Wanna grab a coffee?” or “Is your IT outdated?” – and the answer is immediately “No”. Maybe that person prefers to drink tea or perhaps their instinctive response goes a little deeper. When someone doesn’t say yes, […]