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Scrutineering Guidelines for
Authenticity & Safety


Engine: Engines are to retain their original configuration with respect to displacement, carburation and moving parts. Modifications affecting power output are limited to those available before 1964 in the case of Vintage cars and before 1973 in the case of Historic cars.  Cars shall be prepared according to relevant SCCA or FIA General Competition Rules (GCRs) in effect up to 5 years after the date of the car's manufacture, but not later than December 31, 1972.

Superchargers: Forced induction systems are allowed only on cars which utilized them. The induction equipment must be of the same type as originally fitted.

Fuels: Nitrous-oxide injectors and fuels containing nitro-methane are prohibited. Suspension: The equipment and configuration of suspension components may not be altered.

Brakes: Brakes may not be altered except to update for safety with respect to lining or pad material, lines and/or fittings.

Wheels: Wheels should meet original specifications. Where original sizes are not available, wheels of the same diameter and within 1/2 inch of original width may be used. Any change in construction material must be added toward strength rather than less weight.

Tires: Tires should be of the same size as originally used. Either modern street tires or vintage racing tires will be permitted provided they do not exceed the tread width of original racing tires or one size larger. The aspect ratio, height divided by width, must be at least 70 percent for all Vintage cars and 50 percent for all Historic production based sports cars. All Vintage cars and all Historic production based sports cars must use tires with a molded tread pattern. Slicks will be allowed on cars in Groups V and VII.

Exterior: The exterior of the car should be kept as original and have a neat and finished appearance. Fender flares shall be as original. Commercial advertising is not allowed except for race series sponsorship specifically approved by the VSCDA Board of Directors.

Formula cars: Group IV must conform to Monoposto Register rules and regulations.

Safety equipment: The addition of safety equipment is encouraged or required as outlined above. However, such equipment should not substantially alter the original character, style or spirit of the car.


Driver medical examinations: Medical exams are required every two years for drivers participating in wheel-to-wheel race events. The VSCDA reserves the right to appoint its own physician whenever there are extraordinary findings.

Fire extinguishers: On-board fire extinguishers are mandatory and must be securely fastened in the cockpit.

Seat belts: Lap-style seat belts with metal-to-metal closures are required. They must be in good condition (not frayed or excessively- worn) and must be made of nylon or similar DOT approved material, preferably SFI 91 or newer. 2" shoulder harnesses are acceptable but a 3" system is highly recommended.

Helmets: EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2002, 1995 or NEWER Snell SA rated (or equivalent) helmets will be required.

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