Pol Sambol

I love Sri Lankan food. One of my absolute favorite is Pol Sambol.

1 fresh coconut
1/2 red onion finely diced
2 limes
1 tbsp of chili powder

1 bowl
1 coconut shaver


1. Crack the coconut in half and pour the juice into a glass.
You'll want to sip on the juice while you scrape the coconut;
its tough work if you're not used to it.

2. Shave both halves of the coconut into your bowl.

3. Make sure your red onion is finely diced and add it to
the coconut.

4. Add the chili powder.

5. Add the juice of 1 of the limes into the bowl.

6. Mix well. The sambol should be moist and reddish (from the
chili powder).

7. Add another half-limes worth of juice.

8. Mix a little more.

9. Serve!

Pol Sambol could be served with every Lankan meal. It goes really
well with a little parripu and string hoppers. Make some up
and serve it to your american friends as a dip with potato
chips for a party. It's great stuff!



















Coconut Sambol

Coconut Sambol or Pol Sambol as it is known in Sri Lanka is probably the most popular dish in the country. One of the easiest and cheapest to prepare, this dish is served at the humblest adobe and the finest five star hotels in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).


A coconut


An onion


Ground dry Red Chilly


Pinch of Salt


Half a Lemon


Pinch of Pepper*


Maldive Fish*




* Optional


Break the coconut into two, scrape half of one half into a pan. To this add the garlic and finely chopped onion plus the salt, pepper and maldive fish. If you have a mortar and thestle you can use it to gently pound the mixture, which improves the taste considerably.

Now add the red chilly powder little by little until it's as hot as you can handle!.
Once you have finished squeeze in the lemon. That's all there is to it

Maldive fish

Maldive fish is a tuna fish preserve made in the Maldives. It should be available in your local Maldivian, Indian or Sri Lankan shop. If Maldive fish is not available you can try dried prawns. However it's possible to prepare this dish without it.

coconut scrapers

The shop that you buy your cocunuts from will probably be able to tell you where to find a coconut scraper. If one is not available you can try a serrated knife.






































Vegetarian Coconut Sambal (Pol Sambal)

Posted by Sarjit Wijesuriya on November 27, 19100 at 14:39:32:

500 grams (1 pound) scraped or ground Coconut.
6 Table Spoons of Chilli powder (coarse)
5 Table Spoons of Lime Juice. ( freshly squeezed or pressed)
1 Tea Spoon of fresh ginger (pounded)
1 Tea Spoon of fresh garlic (pounded)
1 Tea Spoon of black pepper powder
Salt to taste.

Best to use scraped or ground coconut. If using desiccated coconut, make it moist by adding a little boiled water after letting it cool.If you add milk you will make it sweet and fatty.fresh ginger is best. If not available use the whole dry ginger and press to a paste.Peel and press the garlic to a paste.Black pepper seeds can be ground in a coffee grinder. Wear a glove and mix all ingredients well with the hand pressing and squeezing the ingredients.