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The three novels that comprise The Sorceress?s Tale were originally conceived as a single book, but long before Douglas sat down to write it, he realized that not only were there three separate stories to be told, but the scope of each one required a book of its own. They're set in Provence, Mediterranean France, an area Douglas loves and is quite familiar with, somewhere between the Eighth and Tenth Centuries A.D.


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A young girl, Pierrette, vows that she will avenge her slain mother, the masc Elen, by becoming a great sorceress. Little does she know that she will single-handedly have to decipher principles of magic that have been forgotten for thousands of years. But magic is everywhere failing; spells do not work as intended, and even the simplest can have deadly results. Most don't work at all, and when the last spell has failed, the Black Time will arrive, when all that is good, wondrous, and beautiful is locked in an ebon box beneath the throne of the Eater Of Gods.


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The history books are changing. In one, Pierrette discovers that a crucial battle won by the Romans is now described as a Roman defeat and the rest of the book has faded to ominous blankness. The Eater Of Gods, whom Pierrette defeated in The Sacred Pool, has a new strategy: to rewrite history so that there will be no Roman Empire, no Christianity ... and no Pierrette.
Using the dangerous spell Mondradd in Mon, she must find a way to go back in time to the year 124 B.C., and convince the Roman consul Calvinus to attack the Gaulish stronghold of Entremont, as he did in her history. Of course, no spell works exactly as it was intended to ...


ibtThe Isle Beyond Time sample chapters

History is (more or less) back on its proper course, but still the Black Time looms ahead, in every vision Pierrette sees in the waters of the sacred pool. The goddess of the pool commands her to go to Armorica, and beyond, in search of the mysterious Fortunate Isles and their sorcerer king, Minho.
Since childhood, Pierrette has had recurring visions of the glamorous king begging her to marry him. She has always assumed they were true visions, but now, the goddess has commanded her ... to destroy him.
One rule of magic Pierrette has long known is that the letter of a god's (or goddess?s) command must be obeyed, but the spirit is open to interpretation. Thankfully, the journey to Armorica, then through that Viking-infested land, will take months, and she may have time to think of a way to "destroy" Minho without killing him, or sacrificing his magical kingdom.

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