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BI coverThe first-ever eBook edition of my classic Bright Islands in a Dark Sea is now available on Amazon! Only $2.99. 

The new paperback edition is out, too!  This memorable far-future adventure has been out of print for years, and I've seen clean first editions listed for upwards of a hundred bucks.  This is a large-format (trade paperback) book, not a dinky paperback printed on newsprint.

As always, send me the book and an SASE to get your copy autographed.  720 NE 31st Street, Pompano Beach FL 33064.

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Now on Amazon: The first and only ebook edition of The Perfumes of Phastillan*, my cutting-edge novel of human sexuality and alien influences faraway on the other side of the Galaxy. 

Phastillan, where the strange alien psatla communicate with pheromones, and their effect upon humans is unusual--to say the least. When one young human is marooned on Phastillan, he discovers that the alien psatla hold the key to the survival of the human species--or its destruction.
*originally A Plague of Change

Just released on Amazon!  The three original Arbiter novels are at last available as ebooks.  A fourth novel, Xaradne, will be released soon as an Amazon exclusive.

For 12,000 years Arbiters have kept the peace among the seven races of mankind. But the ancient datablocks that hold the secrets of Arbiter John Minder XXIII's starfleet and the homeworld of his Poletzai troopers are missing. Now he has only his ordinary human cleverness to keep the peace among the planets of the Xarafeille Stream.  And the rest of the human race are not cooperating:

The first in L. Warren Douglas's Arbiter universe. A "must read" for Jack Vance fans. The Xarafeille Stream is a swath of stars--and a powderkeg where seven races of Man contend. An Arbiter, twenty-third of his line, struggles to keep the Stream at peace, but humans--even furred ones, genetically engineered with genes from bears, kangaroo rats, and otters--are never content, and genocidal war always looms on a not-too-distant horizon...


Like most worlds of the Xarafeille Stream, the desert planet Phyre is home to several races of Man--and like any place with different cultures and different needs, conflict bubbles just below the surface. For Slith Wrasselty, a fard--genetically engineered to survive in desert conditions--his only hope of survival is to patent the medicinal chemicals he has distilled from the planet's poisonous wells. But some of those may have far-reaching effects on other worlds too, and not good ones.


For 12,000 years Tep Inutkak's ikut ancestors, white-furred men adapted to high arctic life, have migrated from pole to pole, but now mantees -- seal-like humans who occupy the equatorial islands -- claim they own planet Glaice They threaten the vital migration routes. Rogue ikuts respond by feasting upon roasted mantees.

Tep, a graduate student, believes the Planetary Charter will show that Ikuts were the first settlers, and are the rightful owners. But where is the Charter? The Arbiter will not help unless it can be found. Amid escalating violence, Tep must probe deep into his planet's past and his race's ancient graves for the ikuts' salvation --and the mantees' and the Arbiter's as well.

Rambling thoughts: 


E=the energy of a photon
h=Planck's constant
c=the speed of light
l=the wave length (frequency) of the light

Just tell me how you get a Big Bang out of this.   A steady state universe in which photons lose energy over time (or distance) works just fine.   Link to the expanded ramble.


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