Hosted Applications

Host apps in the Cloud for 24/7 access

Let your team use iPads, Android tablets, PCs, Macs or any other client with confidence. Iserv’s Hosted Apps allow you to securely access data and use your company’s standard applications from virtually any location. Our customized solution lets you choose specific apps to host, which are delivered and supported in the Cloud, enabling businesses to adopt a mobile work style.

Iserv partners with Citrix and Microsoft among others to create hosted environments for your specific business needs. Our local Cloud environment will guarantee high availability and performance where and when you need it.

Desktop as a Service

Maximum flexibility and security 

With a cloud service provider hosting your IT, there’s no need to struggle with server, hardware or software updates. Iserv’s Desktop as a Service enables you to transition your entire desktop infrastructure into the Cloud, giving you a cost-effective way to manage your applications securely.

Drive out administrative costs, improve regulatory compliance and deliver a more consistent and available computing solution for your organization.

Software as a Service

Licensed software upgrades via the Internet 

Why worry about downloading and configuring the latest version of your applications? Iserv SaaS automatically updates your software through a subscription-based service, meaning there’s no license fees or time wasted on installs. Among our offerings are ESET security software and Hosted Exchange, providing granularity and transparency so you know exactly where your data is at all times.

Give your business the gift of the latest and greatest technology on the market.