Multi-tenant housing organizations generally consist of multiple locations, often in multiple states. The technical support of these buildings is the responsibility of the IT department, which is centrally located at corporate headquarters. Standard WiFi services are often inadequate for building management to do their job, creating issues for both the staff as well as the tenants of the building. It can become challenging to quickly support the needs of corporate employees as well as the management staff at each location, creating a work environment that makes proper future IT planning difficult.

Iserv Managed WiFi creates a systematic way to control all locations from a centralized help desk area and frees your staff from dealing with day to day network issues. We provide high-speed WiFi and 24/7/365 Technical support for your Building Automation Systems, Security, and HVAC Monitoring.

We take pride in our outstanding customer service and support. With a corporate office located in Michigan, we have partners nationwide that utilize our round-the-clock network operations center.  Iserv’s 24/7/365 monitoring system lets us know when you have a problem, often before you are aware of it. This proactive system helps your business avoid costly downtime and customer dissatisfaction. Most issues can be solved remotely, but our responsive technicians can be onsite at your location in no time if needed.

Iserv recognizes that multi-tenant housing units differ in their layout and structural components and we create a customized design for each buildings’ specific needs. From new luxury developments to market-rate apartment complexes to non-profit affordable housing, we ensure that every group that we partner with receives the highest quality equipment and attention to detail.

Additionally, we understand the challenges that come along with providing housing solutions for low-income families. We appreciate the effort you put into making your communities a better place to live for all. Iserv assists non-profit affordable housing partners with finding grants to help fund their technology upgrades and facilitate resident learning and job training.