Iserv recognizes that each marina is unique in its layout and requires a custom approach to its WiFi needs. With this in mind, we have developed a 4 step process to ensure that each marina that we partner with receives the tailor-made solution that they deserve. Beginning with a site survey and heat mapping, our engineers develop a custom solution for your specific marina. After the design is approved, we install all equipment in the best-fit building and dock areas to ensure optimum coverage. After the build out is complete, our support staff continues to monitor your network and assist your guests with their connections.

Maintaining a strong internet signal at a marina can be difficult as the number of people, large metal objects, and weather patterns can cause interference. We utilize enterprise-level access points to allow marina guests to connect with all of their devices without losing signal. Our weatherproof technology is not affected by salt or wind.

We specialize in providing robust connections for both staff and guests. Our Wireless engineers are able to set up an “employee-only” network for logging confidential guest information and general office use.  This is in addition to the guest connections in the public dock areas. We pride ourselves on our seamless indoor to outdoor internet coverage.

As a service, Managed WiFi can be expensed operationally on a per slip basis, showing you a professional solution can be cost effective. Our partnership is value-added, giving you the opportunity to showcase your docks as a premier vacation destination.

Bringing on the correct partner to manage your Marina WIFi network is a significant business decision and who you partner with is crucial. Iserv brings the technical component to build our partnership as you invest in the future of your marinas.

Iserv works with some of the most reputable and well-known marinas in the country.


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