In the manufacturing industry, IT is often put on the backburner, causing equipment to age and become faulty. Risking downtime and losing thousands of dollars per hour in backed up production is not worth it. With Iserv, we work as your outsourced IT team to ensure that your systems are up and running so that you don’t have to. We partner with IT leaders such as VMware and Dell to consolidate your systems and provide high-performance equipment for your CAD workstations and servers.

Technology mobility and scalability are crucial to meet today’s production and demand schedules. In order to maintain reliable connections and uptime for your equipment, the IT infrastructure must be designed to support and grow with the unique needs of your organization.  IT is expected to “just work”, which can be difficult in an environment filled with many moving parts and machines. Iserv’s holistic method is engineered to fit custom needs and quality systems are built to last even in dusty and dirty conditions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – The life of a computer is severely decreased in a harsh environment. While a typical laptop might last five years, one on the floor might only last two. What happens when your equipment suddenly dies? Will all of your data be lost? With Iserv Business Continuity, we backup your files in our secure Data Center to protect your business against downtime and lost revenue.

Warehouse Management – Our Managed Wireless Solution provides high-speed internet to assist in your delivery, storage and shipment of products. WiFi connections facilitate the ease of email communication from any device, anywhere in the building increasing efficiency and productivity for your team on the floor. Iserv’s Application Hosting enables scanners, GPS systems, and ERP software to run smoothly making sure your inventory is accounted for and stored correctly. Worried about network visibility? Upgrade your MPLS network to our 21st century Meraki dashboard system.

We work around you. Bring us your problem or challenge and we will engineer a highly redundant, cost-effective solution that just works. Our engineers have years of experience working with and integrating our facilities with a myriad of applications and systems.