Iserv recognizes the extensive requirements and controls needed for WiFi in the Education Market.

Both K12 and Higher Ed requires:

  • – Central Management component that is intuitive, flexible, extremely secure, and managed from a single pane
  • – WiFi access that proactively manages 1:1 and BYOD devices
  • – Ability to effectively allocate and manage WiFi usage by device, group, and provides special resources for testing
  • – Monitors devices, software, and internet access
  • – Protect students with built-in Internet Safe Search and Educational YouTube Videos without recreational or inappropriate content
  • – WiFi for location analytics and mobile apps on campuses
  • – Ability to add School Security Cameras to the solution

The Intuitive Central Management (Cloud Based) from Meraki provides an extensive security solution with the flexibility to restrict access by groups or device to meet the custom WiFi needs of that location. With this in mind, Iserv has developed a 4-step process to ensure that in each School, District, and College that we partner with, receives the tailor-made solution that they need.

Beginning with a site survey and heat mapping, our engineers develop a custom solution for your specific needs. After the design is approved, we install all equipment in the best-fit building areas to ensure optimum coverage. After the buildout is complete, our support staff continues to monitor your network.

Maintaining a strong internet signal at a School/District, and or College Campus can be difficult as the number of people, large metal objects can cause interference. We utilize enterprise-level access points to allow students, teachers, and guests to connect with their devices without losing signal. Our Wireless engineers are able to set up an Administrators network for logging confidential information and general office use.

Bringing on the correct partner to manage your WiFi network is a significant business decision and who you partner with is crucial. Iserv brings the technical component to build our partnership as you invest in the future of your school, District, or College.

Check out this video about how Iserv and Meraki can work together to supply and manage your school network systems.