Can There Be Too Much WiFi?

By: Cassie Phillips (Secure Thoughts) Mobile technology has presented us with a challenge very different from those faced in the past. We have endless possibilities and options, but few are available without an internet connection. Mobile connections like those offered by 3G and 4G are frequently unreliable, limited by data restrictions and cost money for […]

How Fiber Internet Builds Business

We take for granted the way that our daily tasks get done, but forget that we would be completely lost without the internet. You wouldn’t think that something so simple can affect a company so much. Does your network shut down in bad weather or take too long to download or upload documents? Then it’s […]

How to Connect with Gen Y Insurance Buyers

Traditionally, companies sell insurance through an agent. But in the 21st century, there is no longer a single channel to sell a policy. Generation Y or Millennials (born between 1982-2000) prefer to use Google as their insurance agent. Millennials are tech savvy and as the largest age group in the U.S., we are your new […]

WiFi Challenges for Large Homes

We love big houses. Lots of room for everyone in the family to spread out and make their own space. Unfortunately, large homes are a nightmare for wireless internet. Large square footage and the increasing number of mobile devices per user create some chaos when it comes to implementing IT solutions. Large houses have large […]

How to Reinvent your IT for the New Year

It’s the New Year and it’s time to upgrade your IT! Managed Services, the outsourcing of your day-to-day IT management, is a cost effective method to improve business operations. Desktop and Network technical support are supervised by a third-party provider instead of an on-site staff, saving your business money and providing your IT Managers the […]

Why Vacation Destinations Need WiFi Connections

We are connected. Whether it’s via laptop, smartphone or tablet, the average person is using a mobile device for one reason or another. WiFi is now not only wished for, but expected to be in most every location that we go. People use the internet for business and for leisure, so vacation destinations such as […]

The Choice between Public, Private or Other Clouds

Technology is the present and future for businesses. The introduction of faster and more user-friendly applications can only improve a company’s appearance and operation. Merriam Webster defines cloud computing as “the practice of storing regularly used computer data on multiple servers that can be accessed through the Internet.” It’s no secret that the Internet is […]

Facts About Risk Assessment & Business Continuity

An important question to ask yourself as a business owner: If a disaster event occurred, would my company survive? Hazard scenarios require emergency plans to help your business recover quickly and efficiently, with the ultimate goal of returning to acceptable levels of operation. To do this, you must tailor your Business Continuity strategy to fit […]

Why DaaS is the Best Option for your Business

Are you tired of paying big money for Servers and PCs, wishing there was a way to save that capital for other business priorities? Are your executives and sales people wishing they could access key applications and data when away from their desk? With DaaS, pronounced ‘daz’, your office desktops and apps are hosted by […]

Why your Business should be Proactive with Business Continuity

What resources does your business rely on? If your roof caved in from heavy snow or your building suddenly flooded from spring rainstorms, could your company survive? Natural disasters are more common than you think, affecting 30% of businesses according to an NFIB National Small Business Poll. After the initial personal safety concerns are addressed, it’s a […]