3 Reasons Why Your School Should Consider an “aaS” Provider

As of 2017, an EducationSuperHighway study found that “94% of school districts have reached federal high-speed internet access targets and 88% now say they have sufficient classroom access to WiFi” (Government Technology). These statistics are incredibly satisfying to see, as administrators and teachers are realizing the organizational and instructional opportunities that technology brings.  However, the […]

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Iserv Backup as a Service (BaaS) gives you trusted and best in class recovery tools on-premises with rich, enterprise solutions in the Cloud. You can backup data securely from any physical or virtual infrastructure to Iserv’s state of the art, largest, most-advanced data center in the Eastern United States. All you need is Internet access, […]

Shadow IT Part 2: Light in the Darkness

Part 2 is a continuation of our Shadow IT discussion from Traveler’s whitepaper, “Shining a Light on Shadow IT”. We’ve learned what Shadow IT is and how it arises, but what are the specific risks? And how does the IT team work to combat them? Technology vulnerability is scary for the IT department, as it’s […]

Shadow IT Part 1: The Hidden Threat

According to a recent whitepaper from Traveler’s, an international insurance provider, Market pressures often lead to information technology (IT) projects that are conducted on a “Shadow” basis – out of compliance with official company policies and without oversight from the company’s corporate IT function. The whitepaper, “Shining a Light on Shadow IT”, discusses how employees […]

Edge Computing: Data in Real-Time

What is Edge Computing? Growth in business is all about connections. The ability to access data in real-time requires a high-performance network that delivers content instantly. This strategic approach starts at the source of data generation, leveraging analytical information to make choices based on learned experience. By moving the processing component directly to the device […]

Ransomware: A Major Factory Threat

Ransomware is a type of software that worms its way into a network, encrypts files, and locks them down until a ransom is paid. These malicious attacks exploit a company’s vulnerabilities by blocking access to critical business data, leading to lost money, productivity, and consumer trust. Phishing emails and compromised websites are the most common […]

How Disaster Impacts Manufacturing Production

What happens to plant production when disaster strikes? Who takes charge to get it back up and running? Whether the disaster is natural, human error, or invasive malware, it causes significant disruption to your product/service cycle. Every minute of downtime is money and customer satisfaction lost. It is the business’s responsibility to respond effectively to […]

New Team Member – Lucas Gerard – Account Executive

I’d like to introduce the newest member of the Iserv family, Lucas Gerard! Lucas was born in Boston, MA and stayed on the east coast (Massachusetts and Maryland) until he was 12. After moving to West MI for his father’s job, Lucas attended Grand Valley State and majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He was captain […]

Managed IT in a Patient-Centered Healthcare Organization

Technology practices in healthcare have changed. Fifteen years ago, IT meant the guy that came and fixed your computers. Today, the complexity of patient medical information, billing systems, and surgical machinery must be supported by an automated IT network. Additionally, patients are engaged in their own healthcare like never before; from digital fitness apps to […]

Get to Know the Team – Jeff Royce – President

Born in the thumb of MI and raised in Grand Rapids, Jeff decided to attend both Kalamazoo College on the west side and Lawrence Tech in the east to complete his undergraduate education. He graduated with double degrees in Physics and Engineering which led him to Atlanta to pursue a job in this field. While […]