Many companies spend money on backup they’re told they’ll use, instead of paying for the amount they actually consume. Iserv is introducing a price model that only charges for the new data we capture, cutting your costs by as much as 80%. 

Our backup strategy leverages tools which look at your systems and only transfers “first seen data” to the Iserv backup repository. Once it arrives, the data is deduplicated at a 4K block level and then written to our disks. An important distinction is that your data is encrypted from the moment it leaves your server until it’s returned to your server should you ever need it. There is no secret sauce, because your business is only charged for the bits that are written to our enterprise-grade storage system, not your entire environment.

The following graphic shows how unique data is transferred from your servers to the Iserv storage system.

To showcase our price model, here is a real-world example. A current Iserv BaaS customer with 6 servers holding 3-4T of consumed disk space was paying $2500/month to a competitor. After assessing their environment, our engineers worked with the customer’s IT team to migrate their backup data into the Iserv model. Upon validating their utilization, the next month’s invoice totaled $258.05. This represents a savings of over $2000 or 80+% for this customer.

This month, we are giving you more reasons to give thanks! In November, all setup costs for Backup as a Service solutions are on us! Click the button below to talk to one of our experts!