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Our industry is labeled as B2B. We believe in something more. We are in the PEOPLE business, providing solutions for people. Our professional team of engineers create connections for your technology and team to empower your business to operate at its highest level.

Covering your business IT needs from A to Z

When you work with Iserv, you are forming a close relationship with industry-leading IT professionals. We specialize in everything from Disaster Recovery as a Service, Data Protection as a Service and Network as a Service to Managed WiFi services, managed cloud computing, storage solutions and more.

With our technology services, we strive to enhance your:

Productivity: It’s no mystery — a huge chunk of time is wasted on a weekly — or even daily — basis due to IT inefficiencies or issues. With our managed cloud technology solutions, you can elevate the productivity of your business by weeding out these time-wasting mishaps.

Business Continuity: Is your company’s data safe from prying eyes? Will you be able to recover important information and processes if you suffered a serious IT disaster (virus, natural disaster, hardware failure, etc.)? Iserv offers technology services that protects your information from these, and other issues.

Collaboration: Iserv offers solutions that promote teamwork — even when those teams are spread out throughout a region or even the country. With managed technology solutions your entire workforce is connected and given access to the information and applications that they need.

Too often, businesses suffer through an inadequate IT infrastructure and don’t even know it. With Iserv in your corner, we can perform a complete audit of your current infrastructure and your needs.

We Analyze your Business Needs

Tell us about your current environment and business goals.

We Handcraft IT Solutions

IT experts design and manage your specific IT strategy.

We Provide Round-the-Clock Support

24/7/365 Customer Service solves any issue with speed and security.

What We Do

Offering a complete suite of Managed IT solutions from Managed Cloud services, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, and Managed Networks, Iserv is one of the leading names in IT management.

We are proud to work with an incredibly diverse list of businesses across the United States. Everyone from small businesses with a single office to large corporations that span across the country rely on our managed technology solutions.

Our team works with clients to, first, analyze their current environment and design a custom IT solution to simplify and streamline their operations. From there, Iserv professionally implements these solutions and continues to monitor and maintain their network with 24/7/365 support. You have the luxury of forgetting about your IT solutions and the headaches that can come with it.

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Talk to us more about our Grand Rapids Managed Cloud Services and many other essential IT solutions for the workplace. We would love to sit down to speak with you to learn and discover more about your company’s needs.

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Success Stories

Preservation of Affordable Housing partnered with Iserv to work on a large multi-year network project to upgrade our corporate offices and all of our properties, successfully deploying new networks to over 80+ locations, 400+ employees, and 8,000+ residents. Iserv understood our vision, budget, needs, and wants and worked closely with us to ensure they were met. They are part of our core IT team involved in ongoing projects, day-to-day support, and new acquisitions/deployments.

Brad Blake, POAH Inc.

Simply said, Iserv has resolved a long-standing need for an efficient WiFi system at Newport Shipyard. After reviewing our needs, they have supplied Newport Shipyard with state of the art equipment and great support which helps us service our Mega Yacht marine customers season after season.

Susan Gridell, Newport Shipyard

Iserv said: "Host everything with us!" I laughed and said, “I’m too small! Only big companies can afford those solutions." I was astonished how competitive Iserv’s quote was. When I factored in the savings of not buying new server hardware, elimination of my phone, computer vendors and service agreements, and the value of my staffs' time being involved in every issue, it was a no-brainer! The most satisfying thing is having one team I can hold accountable for everything.

Kevin Cross, Linkfield and Cross Insurance

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Our team is here for one reason - to listen to you! Tell us all of your needs and we’ll work our hardest to fulfill them!

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